Seth Brown


Seth Brown is a licensed independent mental health practitioner.  He uses cognitive therapy in which clients learn to transform their way of looking at things in an effort to feel better on their own.  Although, this is a powerful method he does see the need to incorporate other holistic methods that help to stabilize emotions as well and thoughts.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback are two tools that work toward transforming those areas that are less in the conscious control.  It is a natural tool that works to reduce or remove the need for some medications.  These great tools can benefit those with depression, anxiety, trauma, pain issues, those in the autistic spectrum, ADHD and others.  For clinical research involving this click here.

Seth believes that the strongest factor in counseling is the relationship between the client and the therapist.  He prides himself on being non-judgmental and empathetic to a person’s problems.  He also strives, with each interaction, to make a person feel they are truly being listened to.

In his free time Seth enjoys playing with his two young children, keeping up on the house and yard and learning new ways to better improve himself and his clients. 

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