Ryan Tenopir

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

Mental Sports Coach


Ryan received his Masters Degree in Counseling from Doane College in 2004. Since then Ryan has worked in many different settings with individuals, families, couples, schools, teams and coaches.  Ryan has worked with youth in all capacities ranging from behavior disorders, anxiety, stress and depression.  Ryan has also done work with many different relationships including marital, same sex, peer, sibling and team unity.  

As a Mental Sports Coach, Ryan specializes in maximizing sports performance with athletes of all ages by overcoming fears, increasing skills in managing anxiety, building self esteem, and motivating athletes to have fun while playing sports.  Ryan is dedicated to ensure youth sports are a fun, happy and successful experience for all involved.

Ryan feels a healthy relationship between child/athlete and parent/coach are essential to having a positive sports experience.  Educating parents and coaches on what their role is and what the needs of their child/athlete are to ensure all involved feel like winners!!

Please feel free to contact Ryan through email at Ryan@lincolnwellnessgroup.com or calling 402-730-8172.

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