Patty Martinez

Counseling is about providing a safe space and developing a collaborative relationship to facilitate growth and change. I strongly believe in the human capacity to heal by unconditional compassion and rediscovering of strengths. As a therapist, I empower and assist individuals to learn and make healthy choices while I provide ongoing support and clinical feedback. My life experiences, Spanish/English bilingual skills, international traveling and immigration to the United States have allowed me to interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. My clinical work as a therapist, has given the opportunity to serve individuals with extensive histories of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma and other severe mental health conditions. I am an integrative therapist and I utilize different approaches to meet my clients unique needs. I mainly utilize client-centered, psycho-dynamic systems, and cognitive-behavioral techniques.


I studied Psychology and Business at Union Colege as an undergraduate student and received my MA in counseling from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I am a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP) and a Certified Professional Counselor (CPC) and work with most insurance providers.  Email me at: