Jackie studied Amma Therapy at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon where she dove deep into the world of Chinese Medicine and bodywork through a comprehensive two-year certification program. She then obtained her License in Massage Therapy and has been facilitating healing and self-empowerment for her clients ever since.
She began her career as a Massage Therapist, Amma Therapist, and Chiropractic Assistant at a wellness clinic in Portland, and focused on a great deal of injury recovery and chronic pain cases alongside Chiropractors and Acupuncturists. Together, they worked to treat anything from joint and muscle pain, to sleep issues and digestive disturbances. In addition to aiding your overall well-being through giving you time and space to relax, Jackie hopes to help you find relief from bothersome daily symptoms and treat the root causes of them.
Amma Therapy

Amma is an Asian Bodywork modality which pre-dates Acupuncture. An Amma Therapist uses the same theories and diagnosis as an Acupuncturist, but utilizes hands-on touch including Acupressure & meridian-based massage to influence Qi (energy) movement rather than needles to bring you closer to your health goals.
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is used to focus on things such as pain relief, injury recovery, and for deep relaxation and stress management.
Dependent on your needs, your massage session with Jackie can range from a Swedish Relaxation style to Deep Tissue work. Your session will often be combined with Amma bodywork techniques and Acupressure point stimulation for a dynamic and unique healing session. 
To schedule an appointment, email Jackie at:  jackie@lincolnwellnessgroup.com