Ashlee Reed

"The only way out is through." - Helen Keller

Right now I hope you can see your strength and determination. You are already changing by searching for a therapist that is right for you. I view therapy as a collaborative process in which we work together in a safe and supportive environment. We will process through your thoughts and feelings, identify your values and goals, and practice actions to help keep you moving forward. I believe that together we can identify and acquire the skills you need to get your life to how you want it to be.


My approach is empathic, honest, and empowering. We start where you are, determine where you want to go, utilize your strengths, and put new skills into action too. I frequently utilize components of Acceptance and Committment Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Brainspotting, and  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Determining which is most appropriate for you would depend on your needs, what your goals are, and where you are in your journey.

Education and Experience

I completed my Master’s degree in Counseling from Doane College. My licensing includes Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP), Certified Professional Counselor (CPC), and a Provisionally Licensed Aclohol and Drug Counselor. I have attended various trainings focused on grief as this is a specialty area I am passionate about. I also have additional trainings in ACT, CBT, Brainspotting, Trauma Recovery, DBT, Suicide and Psychological Pain, amongst many others.

I have experience working in a variety of settings with many different people handling life challenges. My clinical experience includes, but is not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Substance-related struggles, LGBT related issues, and Adjustment disorders. I also work with people going through life transitions (i.e. college, relocation, divorce, death, etc). The people I have worked with range in age from pre-adolescent to well into retirement.

I have also completed Phase 1 training for Brainspotting. This is a relatively new type of brain and mindfulness based therapy designed to help people access, process, and utilize their body's natural capacity to heal from trauma/difficult events, intense unwanted emotions, and a variety of other psychological struggles. (Go here or here for more information)

When able, I enjoy volunteering my time through Mourning Hope. This opportunity has allowed me to companion children and their caregivers along their grief journey.

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